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Who is behind Girl Director?

Hi, I’m Rachel Dunn, and together with my husband, Michael Hole and our team we have turned our passions into the world-changing video training and production business that is Girl Director.

GD has come a long way since I created the brand back in April 2005. The truth is, stepping out in front of the camera was never easy for me. In fact, it was humiliating. Despite my successful 20+ years of directing Music Videos, TV Commercials, Promos and Opening Titles for big shows and working with some of the biggest stars in Australia, for me, being in front of the camera was terrifying. It was a disempowering experience that I never want you to feel…

That’s why we started teaching people just like you how to make your own videos and marketing, including how to become super confident in front of the camera.

Michael and I are passionate about helping you to demystify the video creation process. We break down the barriers and simplify the process so you can start being yourself on camera. We have the experience, results and the patience needed to teach you how to reach your big goals. We hold your hand through the whole video creation journey, including the video marketing process, giving you everything you need to grow your brand, your confidence, and, even more so… grow your self!

“We are here to shift the power of thought leaders and visionaries to a whole new level… to shift human consciousness on this planet. Video, creativity and business are our tools for doing that, and we want to help you to be an agent for that change.” Rachel Dunn, founder of Girl Director.
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