5 Days to Better Video Blogs

Join me and I will personally guide you step by step through how to make your own video blogs…

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Want to make Video Blogs (vlogs) but not sure where to start?

Over the next 5 days I will be with you every step of the way, guiding you through the process of making a video blog, so you too can start making your own.

Video is going to open up your world. Your customers need what you have and once you have tapped into video and how powerful it is for you and your business, I promise you won’t look back.

I have been a video director for over 20 years and I have watched hundreds of bad videos. So this FREE training is to get you started. This is for you if you want to create a blog and have no idea what to do or where to start. I know video can be overwhelming when you start.

This easy video blog method is tried and tested… and it works.

It’s time to embrace video. Don’t wait until you have lost weight, your hair has grown or you have new clothes in the wardrobe. The time is NOW. The sooner you jump on board with this, the sooner your videos will get better and better. You may not make a Hollywood blockbuster film for your first one, BUT what you will have is a proven method to create your own video blogs.

Once you have taken this 5-Day Training, we’ve love to hear how it went. The trick is, once you have learned this method, you will want to keep making them each month, or each fortnight. Keep up the momentum. That is the real secret to success with video blogging.


Here’s What You’ll Get in this FREE Training

  • You will work alongside me and plan your first set of video blogs.
  • You will know who it is you want to talk to in all of your videos.
  • You will learn the Girl Director secret method and structure so you can create a magnetic video blog, time and time again.
  • You will learn how long your blogs need to be.
  • You will learn step by step the things you need to do to make your videos look more professional
  • You’ll have a solid plan so you can keep going. Momentum is the key.