5 Steps To Create A Movement With Video

We love helping people who are up for big things! People who want to use video to grow a movement, advance a cause or change the world in other ways like making documentaries…

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Here’s What You’ll Learn with this Free Guide

  • You will get clear on what you stand for
  • You will get clear on how to use video to advance your cause
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What Does Girl Director Stand For?

At Girl Director, we are all about creating big change in the world. If your passionate about your cause then we we want to help you get it out there.

Things that we personally love helping people with are movements that create equality in the world for all people and animals, things that provide opportunity to those who don’t always get it handed to them on a platter. It’s about getting creative with how you get that message out to the world.

We also personally love animal causes and people who want to help animals. One of our movements is embodied in our Through Elephant Eyes documentary. You can read all about that on our Productions page on this website.

Really, we’re all about helping anyone who wants to make the world a better, kinder, safer, ethical, sustainable, more evolved and fairer place!

And here’s the thing… we understand that money and influence are key players in creating real change in the world, which is why we love helping heart based entrepreneurs to build their businesses, because heart based entrepreneurs are the most likely ones to create lasting change…

We hope you find great inspiration in this free download…