Grow Your Confidence on Video

Imagine sharing your story on video without caring what other people think!! Imagine the feeling of jumping in front of the camera whenever you want to market your business without anxiety


In this unique program we will guide through our special 7 day Camera Confidence Training Experience… Plus you’ll get a copy of our 10 Video Blind Spots eBook!

Unstoppable Camera Confidence!

This unique LIVE, GUIDED, ONLINE GROUP TRAINING is designed to shift your camera fears by using the natural awareness that stems from the right side of your brain. Sounds kind of strange I know, but it really works!

This is for those of you who feel stuck, who struggle with breaking through the fear that stops you getting in front of the camera. It unleashes your insecurities by putting the fun into the process and bringing your creativity.

Unique, fun & creative methods to give you confidence in front of the camera.

Over the past few years, I have worked with women around the world on their camera confidence, and the fact is, you aren’t alone in these fears. Which is why I’m so passionate about running this training for you. After all, I’ve had a lot of struggles myself with being in front of the camera, and this has been one of the most effective ways of breaking through my fears.

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It’s all about tapping into the Right Side of your Brain…

To participate in this unique training, all you need to do is register here and JOIN the group when you’re taken to the Facebook Group.

Don’t worry. There’s nothing to be stressed about. You’ll find us to be very friendly and keen to help you to get what you want from the course.

For 7 days Rachel will give you exercises that use the right side of your brain to help you in your video making. It will help you to stop the mind chatter when you make your own videos.