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We understand what it’s like to be frustrated when you have a message to share but you’re not sure where to start or how to get it out there.

Making videos that dig deep on a subject takes courage but it is the most rewarding thing you’ll ever do. Not only for your legacy, your business and your cause, but for the lives that you’ll change because you stood up for something.

Create your own movement, documentary or cause with high impact videos. It’s time to make the difference you want to be making in the world. Don’t wait until it’s all perfect. Now is the time.

Video Planning Session

Don’t think about it any longer. Find out what’s involved with getting your ideas out there.

Book a free, no obligation VIDEO PLANNING SESSION (valued at $250).

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5 Steps To Creating A
Movement With Video

Creating a digital legacy is something you can be proud of and we believe it is the newest and most powerful way to market anything. Download this workbook to follow the exact steps to work out how your movement will work and how to get it out into the world.

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Rachel Dunn book

Better Videos – the best selling book

Better Videos is the go-to guide for women to grow their businesses and make a real difference in the world using video. Each chapter is written with practical exercises and lessons as an interactive guide to help you grow your confidence with video whilst discovering what drives you for your bigger calling in life.

Rachel Dunn, founder of Girl Director, shares her personal experiences of what she went through in the film and TV world to find her calling as a documentary maker and teacher. It was through these experiences that she was guided to teach and empower women to share their stories on video.

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