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Client Stories and Testimonials

Our commitment is to creating an extraordinary experience for all our clients. Here’s what they say about working with Girl Director…

Schellea Fowler



Schellea Fowler is the founder of Fabulous50s – a women’s lifestyle channel on YouTube.

When Schellea started working with us she had barely any subscribers on her channel. Since then her channel has grown to over 1.7 million subscribers, and it just keeps growing. In this video you’ll hear all about how her channel grew through working with Rachel and Michael of Girl Director.

If you’re a big thinker like Schellea, and you want these kinds of results then start a conversation with us now. Just click the pink button below.

Tracey Morris 

No More Fake Smiles

Tracey and her daughter, Annie Morris, run the charity No More Fake Smiles, which raises money to give a voice to child victims of sexual abuse. When COVID hit in 2020 they had to cancel their fundraising events and knew that video and online marketing was the key to continuing their quest to help children.

With the help of Girl Director they learned how to grow their online presence and started creating their own videos, making $20K in their first online fundraiser. They even produced their own TV ads with our guidance, and continue to raise funds online.

As Tracey says, becoming the directors of their own videos has been a game changer for them.

Vanessa Amorosi & Mark Holden

Australian Music Legends

Vanessa Amorosi is one of the biggest Australian pop stars from the 2000’s. Her single Shine was a breakout hit all over the world.

Mark Holden was her manager and producer. He was one of the biggest Australian pop stars of the 1970’s, who went on to further fame in the 1990’s as a passionate judge on the TV show Australian Idol.

Through the 1990’s and 2000’s, Rachel Dunn, founder of Girl Director, was a rising star in the Music Video world. She directed clips for some of the biggest pop and country music stars of the time.

Rachel directed two of Vanessa’s music videos. Shine and her next single, Spin. Here she is on set filming Spin. We took some time to ask Vanessa and Mark about what it’s like working with Rachel. Vanessa loved how comfortable Rachel made her feel, while Mark gave a big Tick to the Rachel box! High praise indeed from Mark!

Sheila Vijeyarasa

Sheila V

Sheila is a life, business and spiritual guidance coach based in Sydney. After working in the finance and publishing industry for many years, she wanted to launch herself online. Her video style is very cool and stylised to suit her expanded mindset. Since gaining confidence on video she has gone on to publish her best selling book, Brave – Courageously Live Your Truth, which is available in bookstores all over the country and has garnered her many TV interviews to promote her high-end coaching business.

Chutisa Bowman 

The Two Bowmans


Chutisa and her husband Steve are internationally renowned public speakers, authors in the area of Conscious Governance and Leadership. They are also very successful investors with over seven streams of income. When Chutisa came to a Girl Director workshop she realised just how much more she could do to get her message out to the world with video.

Over the time working with us she created her own book trailers, short form documentaries, and released many powerful excerpts from her and Steve’s keynote speaking events. She’s also become a wizz with Facebook, YouTube and Linked-In.

Chutisa is a sponge when it comes to learning, and with so many ideas and so much knowledge and wisdom to share, she just keeps on creating more high quality content.

Recently she has launched an online streaming service on Conscious Governance that is gaining more and more momentum around the world.

Leah Chandler 

Kids-Fit Australia

Leah and her husband have run yoga classes for children for many years. In early 2020 she launched a new online training program, just before Covid started. That’s when she realised it was time to start marketing her online program with video.

After making a few by herself, she realised she needed to understand more about video and wanted to make higher quality content to represent her brand. She was missing the tactics and strategy needed to create effective video marketing. She was outsourcing to a corporate advertising group that was costing her a packet and producing less than average results. But she didn’t understand enough to know how to improve things.

That’s when Leah contacted Girl Director… She learnt how to direct, how to understand the analytics, how to present and script her videos better, and how to manage her team to produce regular, quality content. She relaunched the program later that year and the rest is history…

Stephanie Berryman

Manage To Engage

Stephanie is an author and stress management facilitator from Canada. She was paying people to manage ads and produce videos and social media for her, but wanted to learn how to do it herself.

It’s expensive paying for others to make videos for you, especially when you need to do it regularly. She learned from us how to do it all herself, and now she’s creating videos and social media content all the time. She fully understands the tech and analytics now (very important). She loves being in control and saving all that hard earned cash!

Joyce Ong

New Heights Media

When Joyce first came to us she had a successful piano school in Brisbane with over 20 teachers. She was also an avid photographer.

She started learning with us to make videos and marketing for her piano school, and it really helped the business grow. Once she got the taste for video she quickly pivoted and sold her business whilst setting up her own video production company. That was the beginning of what is now called New Heights Media. She has been running for the past 5 years with team filming all over the world.

Joyce became so good that we took her to Africa with us in 2019 to film our Elephant documentary (which is currently in production).

Joyce made this client story for her main project over one of our Residential weeks. We are so grateful to have her as a client and friend.

Shannon Godwin

Ag Solutions

Shannon is a Technical Advisor at Ag Solutions – a large, family owned SME that produces natural stock feeds and fertilisers for agriculture, based out of Gympie, QLD.

Shannon and her CEO, Julie Williams, learned with Rachel and Michael in the Girl Director Academy for over 12 months. In that time they set up a full media department in the company, where they are regularly producing video content from filming client interviews, to technical training, to online marketing and client education. They now have a green screen studio set up in a paddock that they use all the time for producing high quality, fast content. Keep an eye out for these guys as they grow bigger and bigger as a leading force in the agricultural world.

Jada De Goey Teatini-Climaco

Rio Rhythmic Latin Dance Academy

Jada and her husband, Tarcisio, run the largest latin dance school in Brisbane. They already had a great social media presence when they started working with us, including a little bit of video, but they were outsourcing their video production, and that was expensive.

That’s where GD came in. They learned how to make high quality videos in house, how to market with them and how to increase their Social Media presence. They even developed a new online training program.

When COVID hit, they were perfectly positioned to keep their dance classes running during the lockdowns. And they continue to grow from strength to strength.

Sally Porteous

Red Lanyard


Sally Porteous is a highly experienced events manager. She loves technology and loves systems that can make business growth easier. Since working with Girl Director she has really lifted her brand and online presence. She is also at work on a fantastic online training program for event managers. She works with both corporate and small business clients and is loving helping more people to make event management easier.