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You need to order these things when you order your LED lights. If you miss this step you will have the lights but won’t be able to use them! Very frustrating!

Once you’ve ordered what you need, navigate back to the main Equipment page here.

2 x Batteries with charger (recommended option)

Get The Set Here

The YongNuo LED lights run on Sony NP-F970 batteries (rechargeable). You can buy different sized batteries singly or in pairs. The most affordable way to buy them is with the charger included.

The YN-300 & YN360 RGB Strip Lights use one of these batteries at a time, and the YN-600 uses two per light. Stock can run out, so here’s some options:

Neewer Light Stand

Single Light Stand

You will need a light stand for each of your Yong Nuo lights. Here’s the link for a single fold up stand that is 6 feet high. That should be all you need.

(Optional) Soft Boxes for the Yong Nuo LED Lights

Get It Here

These are an optional extra, but we love them. You just strap them onto the front of your LED lights and the light is much softer.

(Optional) AC Power Cable Adapter AU Charger For YONGNUO Lights

Get It Here

These are an optional extra, for the YongNuo lights. Some of the lights come with the option of buying them bundled in, but if they don’t have that option, then here’s a link to buy them.

The more you use these lights inside, especially in a regular spot, the more useful you will find this adapter!