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These are various Adapters you may need for your Phone and Microphones. Once you’ve got what you need, navigate back to the main Equipment page here.


Apple Lightning Adapter for Mic into iPhones

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Most Smartphones don’t have a microphone/headphone plug any more. That’s why for iPhone 14 (and earlier models) you need one of these Lightning To Headphone Adapters to use some of the microphones listed on this site – especially the RODE SmartLav+ and RODE GO Wireless. If you don’t have one, then go to your Apple Store, Officeworks, JB Hifi etc. or buy one online here.

Note: if you have an iPhone 15 or newer model then you need the USB-C version of this adapter. Again, Apple, Officeworks etc sell these, or you can follow the link for the next adapter in this list.

USB-C Adapter for Samsung (and other Android phones) + (iPhone 15 and newer) for Mic into Phones

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Most modern Android phones don’t have a microphone/headphone plug, so you need this to plug in a mic such as the SmartLav+. The most common adapter needed for Android devices is the USB-C to 3.5mm Adapter to some of the microphones on this site. If you don’t have the right adapter, go to your local electronics store or buy one online here.

Note: This is also the adapter you need for the iPhone 15 and newer models (all iPhones from from model 14 and earlier use the Lightning adapter above).


Whether you already have a tripod, or you’re buying a new one, you will need a mount to attach your phone to the tripod.

Manfrotto Universal Smartphone Clamp

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All brands of tripod use the same sized thread, so you can use any brand you want. You can buy them in most camera and tech stores. You can even pick them up in $2 shops for cheap by getting a selfie stick that lets you unscrew the mount.

This one from Manfrotto is our preferred option.

NOTE: If you are just going to use the Ring Light (on the main page) then it comes with a phone mount, so you won’t need one of these.


These are optional and give you extra ways to using other microphones, multiple mics, etc. Read on…

RODE SC1 – 6 meter TRRS extension cable SmartLav+

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This gives your SmartLav an extra 6 meters of reach. It is really helpful and a cheap option if you don’t want to use a wireless Mic.

RODE SC3 – 3.5mm TRRS to TRS Adaptor

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If you want to use the SmartLav+ in a DSLR or Mirrorless camera then you need to get this adapter. Smartphones have different plugs (TRRS) to normal cameras (TRS).

NOTE: RODE have a great colour coding method where they use a grey plug for TRRS (Smartphone) and black plug for TRS (normal camera).

RODE SC4 – 3.5mm TRS to TRRS Adaptor

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If you want to use a 3.5mm non-smartphone type microphone in your Smartphone then this adapter is what you need. It converts from a TRS to TRRS plug. It’s the opposite of the SC3 the adapter above.

NOTE: RODE have a great colour coding method where they use a black plug for TRS (normal camera) and a grey plug for TRRS (Smartphone).

RODE SC6 – Dual TRRS Mic Input and Headphone Output for Smartphones

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This is a really good cheap option for miking up two people for interviews, or on things like Facebook Lives. It’s a double adapter for 2 x SmartLav+ microphones. You obviously need to have two SmartLavs and can also work with the SC1 Extension Cable.

RODE SC6-L – Dual TRRS Input and Headphone Output for Apple Devices with Lightning Connector

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This is good for iPhones if you are happy to pay a fair bit more (~$110) and don’t want to use the Apple Lightning To Headphone Adapter.

RODE SC7 – 3.5mm TRS to TRRS Cable

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This is the red cable that you need to use the RODE Wireless GO II Mic set on your Smartphone, as it goes from TRS (black plug) to TRRS (grey plug).

Remember: In the pack the RODE GOs only come with a red TRS (black) to TRS (black) cable for standard cameras.