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Welcome to our awesome gear list! The first part of this page gives you the things you need to get started with – like add-ons for Smartphones (iPhone or Android). It includes simple and effective lighting equipment, plus background options. These are selected with the budget-conscious video maker in mind.

Further down the page is the more advanced gear like cameras and sound recording devices. We have done all the testing and research so you don’t have to waste time and money looking for everything. Enjoy!

TIP: If the product you want is out of stock or doesn’t ship to your location then use the name shown on this page to search Google for a local supplier.


The best way to improve the quality of your videos is to improve the quality of your sound.

RØDE SmartLav+ Lapel Microphone

Get It Here

This mic is specifically designed to work on smartphones (iPhone or Android) and should be your first piece of equipment, as well as a tripod. It has a short 1 metre cable, but the SC1 extension gives you an extra 6 meters (see Adapters section). The RODE brand produces a louder signal than others we’ve tested and doesn’t need a battery. They cost around $80.

NOTE: Most phones require you to use an adapter with these mics. See below.

RØDE Wireless ME Ultra-Compact Wireless Microphone System (single mic)

Get It Here

This is a fantastic wireless microphone that works really well with your smartphone or a proper camera (DSRL, Mirrorless etc). It is made up of the Microphone (the Transmitter – TX) and the Receiver (RX) that attaches to your phone or camera.

Before you buy this, make sure you consider the mic set below, that gives you two mics in the set (in case you want to start filming interviews with more than one person recorded).

This mic is very well priced at around $190.

NOTE: The mic set comes with a USB-C to Lightning Cable that will allow you to plug it into most iPhones. For the latest iPhone and Android phones you will need a USB-C to USB-C cable (very common these days).

RØDE Wireless GO II Microphone (Dual Mic set for interviews)

Get It Here

This is similar to the Mic set above, but the more professional version, plus it comes with two (2) Transmitters, which means you can use two Mics at the same time. This is perfect for Interviews where the interviewer is on camera too. This mic set is well priced at around $370.

NOTE: This mic comes with the plug for a normal camera (red cable with two black ends). To use this in your Smartphone you will need the RODE SC7 cable. It is a red cable with a black plug on one end and grey on the other) – see below in the Microphone Adapters section.

Microphone Adapters – Very Important

To use these various microphones in your phones, you will need the right kind of Adapter. Click the button below to navigate to our Microphone Adapters & Phone Accessories page.

Go to the Adapters page here


We find the Manfrotto brand to be great quality at great value. Below are three options we think you’ll like, depending on your budget and the weight.

Manfrotto Compact Action Tripod (for smartphones)

Get Joby HereGet Manfrotto Here

This is a nice, small, and very light weight option. It’s great for taking anywhere and locking off a shot. The disadvantages are that it is only 5’1” (155cm) tall, so not ideal if you are really tall and want to be standing in front of the camera – fine if you’re sitting. It’s too wobbly to use with a proper, big camera, but it’s ideal for phones at about $140.

I have provided links to two brands here, as the Manfrotto one is more often out of stock. The Joby is more readily available these days and has the same features at a similar price.

Don’t forget you will need to buy a smartphone mount to use your phone on one of these. See the Phone Mounts for Tripods button below.

Manfrotto Compact Advanced Tripod with 3-Way Head (for smartphones)

Get It Here

This is the same as the one above, except that it has a bit taller and more manoeuvrable ‘head’, making it about four inches (10cm) taller (good for taller people who don’t want to spend the extra for the tripod below). The head gives you a bit more control for doing pans (sweeping shots from one side to the other), but really, if you want to do panning shots then you should get the tripod below. Especially if you are using a DSLR camera that is heavier than a smartphone. Costs around $150.

Again, you will need a smartphone mount to use your phone on one of these. See the Phone Mounts button below.

Manfrotto 190 Aluminum 3 Section Tripod Kit with Fluid Head (for big cameras – DSLRs etc)

Get It Here

This is a taller but more professional tripod for anyone buying a DSLR or Mirrorless camera. It is also very solid and holds a heavier camera with more stability.

It has great height for taller people and, most importantly a ‘fluid head’, which means you can do really smooth panning shots (from left to right and back). You can also get down really low if needed.

Costs around $400.

Phone Mounts for Tripods – Very Important

Whether you have a tripod already, or you’re buying a new one, you will need a mount to attach your phone to the tripod. Click the button below to navigate to our Microphone Adapters & Phone Accessories page.

Go to our Adapters page here


There are many different ways to light your videos. From the simplest office setup, to lighting a full set, to shooting on green screen kit, we have many different options of affordable equipment that we use all the time.

Neewer 18-inch Dimmable Ring Light (AKA Diva or Halo Light)

Get It Here

This is the perfect light for your office or inside your house. We have this permanently setup behind our desks for filming with the phone, with our DSLR camera or Zoom sessions on the computer. It can also be moved around the house for shooting in other spaces you like – anywhere that you can access a powerpoint.

It lights the face really well but can make the background look dark, so keep an eye out for that. It is not a substitute for the other LED lights we show below when it comes to lighting a set or larger space.

Around $140.

Yong Nuo Portable LED Lights


The LED lights are very flexible, powerful and portable at a good price. These are ideal if you are not setting up a permanent filming space because you can fold them up and take them anywhere, whether shooting inside or out.

There are two sizes available. The smaller YN-300 (with 300 LED bulbs) (around $130) are all you need for filming in smaller spaces, whilst the double sized YN-600 (with 600 LED bulbs are around $200). These are good for larger spaces.

With both these lights can be used with an AC power adapter. The 600 can be bought with the adapter as an option, or you can buy the adapter separately (see our Light Accessories page – link below.

Yong Nuo YN360 RGB Strip Light

YN-360 RGB

This is really handy for lighting backgrounds with colour and highlighting different areas in a set. It screws onto a light stand or can be handheld. It has red, green and blue combinations (as shown) that you can mix to find the colour you want. It uses the same battery as the other Yong Nuo LED lights above. This one will set you back about $150 but it’s well worth it.

Light Stands, Batteries and other Accessories – Very Important

The YongNuo lights above DO NOT come with batteries, light stands, nor other accessories. Go to this page to order what you need, so you aren’t disappointed!

Go to our Lighting Accessories page here


Some spaces are smaller and need a different solution, in which case a green screen can come in handy – refer our Academy for training on this side of video.

Pop-Up Green Screen For Your Chair

Pop-Up Green Screen

This is great for Zooms etc where you want to replace the background. It attaches to your chair and so moves as you turn in your chair. I recommend getting the Medium or Large size so you fill more of the screen with it. It is cheap and fun to use and be used for any kind of green screen filming.

These are super cheap at about $15 and work really well with a Ring Light (see above.)

Elgato Roll DOWN Green Screen

Elgato Green Screen MT Extra Wide

This is great if you want to install it permanently and roll it up when you don’t need it. It is just 190cm wide and 2 meters tall. It costs about $250.

You will need to buy lights separately – like the Yong Nuos above.

Elgato Roll UP Green Screen

Elgato Green Screen Collapsible Panel

If you don’t want to install the screen permanently (as above), and are happy just to do medium close up shots (head and shoulders) then this is a good option. It is 148cm wide and  180cm tall. This is about $260.

Again, you will need to buy lights separately – like the Yong Nuos above.

Fold Up, Portable Green Screen

Collapsible Green Screen with stand

This screen is very portable and light, and is designed to be folded up into a round bag. It also has a blue side that can come in handy if you are filming green products or clothing. This kit comes with a single stand that lets you hang it up into position. These are only about $70.

Again, you will need to buy lights separately.


Some spaces are smaller and need a different solution, in which case a green screen can come in handy – refer our Academy for training on this side of video.

Green Screen Lighting Kit

Full Green Screen Lighting Kit

There are lots of soft boxes on the market, and the main difference is the luminescence – number of light bulbs in each. This is a great combo because it gives you 225 watts (5 independently switching bulbs) on the two main lights and 135 watts on the overhead. Keep in mind that this setup does take up a lot of space, so it will be great for a garage or large room with high ceiling.

If you’re using a small spare bedroom in your apartment then check out the other green screen options above. This kit includes 1 x cotton (muslin) Green Screen backdrop, which is better than the cheaper felt backgrounds. If you want other colours such as white or black then you can buy them separately – do some searches. Green Screen is the main thing we use this kit for these days. The kit includes everything you need for around $250, which is a total bargain!

NOTE: This item is often out of stock and it can be hard to find an equivalent with the same quality of lights. Speak to us if you want help trying to find one of these setups, as we might have some other ideas to help you out, depending on the space you are working with.


Use these links as a guide. If you find the product doesn’t ship to your location, this gives you the name and details to search for locally. Good online retailers are: SoundCorp, Camera House, Dragon Image, Digital Camera Warehouse, Video Pro, eBay and Amazon.

Logitech BRIO 505 Webcam

Get It Here

If you need a Webcam at a good price with good features, this is it.

Most people already have a webcam built into their laptop, but if you don’t, or you’re using a desktop computer, then this is a great option.

It clips on top of your screen and does the job simply. If you’re looking for a much higher resolution option then you are better to talk to us about what is the best Camera option and how to get it working in your computer. There’s a bit more cost to do that, but it will produce the best results.

Canon EOS 90D kit with 18-135mm lens

Get It Here

There are many makes and models of DLSR and Mirrorless cameras. We like Canon a lot for price, ease and features – the Canon EOS 90D is our recommended camera for video. It takes great photos too. Feel free to chat with us before you buy one, just in case you have different needs.

These are the most important features of this camera: 

  1. The video picture quality. You get the Full HD frame size (1080p) plus 4K, which is all you need. The frame rates of 24 fps, 25fps and 30fps with 50fps and 60fps options are useful too, though mostly you will shoot at 25fps or 30 fps in 1080p.
  2. The size of the sensor is important for picture quality. The cropped 32.5MP APS-C CMOS Sensor produces an excellent image and makes it much more affordable.
  3. It has an external microphone jack + headphone jackessential.
  4. It has a flip screen, auto-focus and tracking focussuper important.
  5. It can be used in automatic or manual modes – there are benefits to having both.
  6. Price. We recommend the EOS 90D Kit with the 18-135mm Zoom lens. This is a brilliant, flexible and high quality kit for video. It sells for AU$2,000 – $2,400. 
  7. Lenses. The price of additional lenses start in the hundreds and can go into the thousands. You can always talk to us about buying more as you get more into it!

Note: If you are looking for a Mirrorless equivalent, those in the cheaper Canon range are not as well featured as this DSLR, unless you pay a lot extra for the top of the range. Sony are also excellent, but they are much more expensive for these features.


This device is designed to allow you to look right into the lens whilst reading your written script. It does it by reflecting the text from your phone or table/iPad onto a piece of glass that sits in front of your camera lens.

Desview T3 for Phone or Camera

Get It Here

This is a great device. As you can see in the pictures, it can be used to film with your phone (vertical or horizontal), or with your DLSR/Mirrorless camera – it hangs off the front of your lens. Usually these kinds of things only work on one or the other, so it’s a great allrounder.

For $250 you get one device that is quite compact.

There is a bracket on the front to hold your phone (or iPad/tablet) that plays the autocue scripts you have programmed into the software. So, if you are filming with your phone you’ll need a second phone or tablet to scroll the script.

This package comes with a code to load the Desview software for scrolling the text and also a remote control for controlling the speeds etc.

Use the code GIRLDIRECTOR15 on the Ozemu site when you check out and you will get a 15% discount. Nice!