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Open up to the possibilities of where your brand can go. Whatever you imagine, we can create it.

Agency Showreel

Through our Agency we create stunning, cinematographic movies and Brand Definition Videos for big thinkers and entrepreneurs.

We have been producing high-end film and video content for Commercials, TV and Music Videos since the 1990’s. This showreel is a sampler of what we have done, and what you can expect from our Agency productions.

When you have the budget, we can produce whatever you want… Beautiful, edgy, high-impact films to take your brand to a whole new level.


Check out these video stories and the impact they are making right now

Through Elephant Eyes

This is what happens when you follow one crazy idea and make a documentary to give elephants a voice. Trust those crazy thoughts.

Filmmaker and founder of Girl Director take the viewer on an amazing journey with mind-blowing discoveries to question & ultimately prove that we can indeed talk to the elephants.

Watch how this invention took off using video

A video is all about building perception. It’s a great strategy to use video to pre-sell your new product before it’s finished. This is the case for Mal and Neil. Their first video filmed with their prototype helped them pre-sell 100 units and now they sell container loads around the world.

What opportunities are there right now with your brand or product that you can tap into? Find out by talking to us now.


Story Driven Funnels

By using stories in your video marketing process you will have a deeper trust building with your clients. Just like Brigit from Biddy Tarot has done with her videos. She has created 6 amazing short videos to help connect on a deeper level with her audience.

Where can you use a story to build trust with your audience?

When it’s hard to find words to describe your business

Sometimes it’s hard to express what you do with words, which is why video is the perfect way to share your message. Kerri struggled with being seen on video.

Watch how she transformed on this video, helping her to communicate what she does in a creative way, connecting with the right people.


Behind The Scenes – Making A Child Prodigy

Callum was a grand finalist on Australia’s Got Talent at the age of 12. That helped him to get the exposure he dreamed of. Then Michael and Rachel were asked to direct a music video for his first original song. They were featured on this ABC TV series about Callum and other child prodigies. Take a look behind the scenes to see what it’s like directing a 12-year-old genius. Remember… Behind-the-scenes videos are a great way to market your business.

One man is shifting consciousness with one feature film

Video is creative and infinite. There are endless ideas with video you can create for your business. One video can change your whole business direction and results.

The team from Girl Director have teamed up with Dr. Jim Frazier to help bring his vision to life.

Jim is famous for working alongside Sir David Attenborough for over 30 years. Jim has over 100 awards including an Emmy and Oscar award for his contribution to the film industry. The goal is to create a symphony like you have never seen before to inspire change on the planet.

This is what is possible with one video and a big vision.

Tailor Made High-End Video Productions

If you’re serious about making videos that are different and that stand out to help you get the desired result. Get in touch. We LOVE making magic come to life on video.

Rachel and Michael

Become the star of your epic production…