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Here are the top three things to focus on as you dive into creating videos:

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Don’t stress if you aren’t clear on your messaging yet. You’re not alone. This often makes people feel stuck and puts them off making videos. The truth is, you won’t get totally clear on your message until you start creating content and being in action.

It can be tricky getting to your core message when you’re stuck in your own perspective. Think about what you want people to feel when they come in contact with your brand. Do you want them to be inspired or wowed? Or do you just want to make them laugh?

When someone truly connects with your message it will leave a lasting impression

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Your video strategy is the roadmap to what you really want. It gives you a plan for your goals.

Let’s start by talking about your biggest goals, even the ones that seem too far-fetched… The right strategies are key to making them a reality for you, and the only thing in your way right now is your awareness of what’s possible. That’s what we’re going to help you with.

The next part is knowing exactly what your audience wants. What are they craving? What do they need? Do they love documentaries? Do they love online How-To videos? What are they binge watching on Netflix? Find out by talking to your clients. They will have all the answers.

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Choosing the right equipment is incredibly important. We’ve seen many people spend thousands of dollars on gear they never needed in the first place.

When you’re starting out, it isn’t about having the most expensive gear. You can easily start with your phone using simple, affordable accessories. Later on, when you understand the process, you can always upgrade to something more powerful, or you can just keep using your phone.

What we love about phones is their fantastic picture quality and simplicity. We’ve even had clients make TV commercials and international film festival documentaries with their phones.

Let’s get started!

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The Girl Director Must-Have Video Gear List

Grab our Go-To Video Gear List with the perfect tools to get started.

This has all the equipment we use (tried and tested by us) including links of where to buy them. It will save you hours of searching so you don’t waste money on the wrong gear.

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