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Now is your time to shine as the director of your videos, your business… Your life!

Are you ready to accelerate the growth of your business? Ready to become more visible online? We provide ONE-ON-ONE and Group Training for everything to do with Video Marketing… from STRATEGIES to TECH, CREATIVITY to BUSINESS. We’re all about helping you to IMPLEMENT video into your business. Book a session with us now to get all your questions answered… to understand how we can help you:


The thing is, life is like one big movie and when you start to create what you really want, rather than what you don’t want… everything shifts.

Hi…  I’m Rachel Dunn, the founder of Girl Director. Together with my partner Michael Hole, and our team, we would like to welcome you to our unique community of change makers who are embracing video to the change the world!

But as you’ll see, we like doing things a little differently around here. We aren’t just about marketing videos…

This is where you get to be the director of your videos, your marketing, your business, your story, your LIFE! Maybe even a movement that you’re totally passionate about…

We are all about helping humanity, making a difference to animals and shifting your confidence so that you feel ready to get out there with your message on video. We are about helping you to express the words, ideas and feelings that you have had bottled up for years.

We understand that it takes courage to step outside of your comfort zone, so just for the fact that you are here, we commend you! It must mean that you’re ready to be visible and make highly creative videos to help you stand out in the world. That’s really cool! 😎

We are here with you every step of the way on your video journey.

We have worked with so many great people over the past few years. We have been lit up by the most magical stories we’ve ever heard, and we’ve also have cried with our clients listening to their horrific stories… heroic stories of survival, redemption and triumph. That’s why we make sure we are here with you every step of the way through your video journey… Wherever video takes you.

Our clients learn how to make great videos, increase their confidence and create brand awareness like they’ve never had before. Some of our clients end up on TV and some grow their YouTube channels far beyond their expectations, earning a passive income. It’s very common for our clients to have new opportunities they never dreamed of.

That’s what becoming visible on video does for you.

Stories are the key to connecting with people. Being able to share your stories on video with clarity and confidence is going to be your next step in your video journey.

Below we have a couple of options for you to get started working with us. But it will happen if you take some action! Remember, the time is now, so don’t delay.

I guarantee that in a few years time, when you look back at the videos you do today, you will be happy you started now. 🙂


Why most people fail when it comes to making their own video content.

We see it all the time. When people start using video they are all excited. They buy a microphone and tripod they never pull out; perhaps they do one Facebook LIVE video, get some engagement but then they STOP.

I understand it. You have the best intentions to get out there and make more content because that’s what you’re told you need to do. But for some reason other things get in the way and video ends up on your to-do list for tomorrow.

The problem is tomorrow never comes and when it does it is too far in-between so nothing happens.

Far too many people expect one video is going to make them a video superstar overnight. Hey, this can happen but, very very rarely… No. You need to be here for the duration. You need to develop consistency and momentum within your video strategy. That’s where the gold is.


You want to find something you are genuinely passionate about, otherwise you’ll lose momentum and give up.

After personally mentoring hundreds of people around video, business and marketing, I’ve seen how things go… You find other excuses like: “My floor needs washing…”, or “I’ll start making videos when I lose another 5 kg…” or “I’ll start when I work out my messaging…” or “Once I’ve saved up $10,000 to pay someone to make them for me…”

These are all excuses related to confidence and a misunderstanding of what’s involved… The truth is, most people fail to make content because they don’t feel good enough to be on camera, they get overwhelmed and aren’t sure where to start. They are too busy running their businesses and don’t have a strategy in place to grow. The very reason they are so busy is the reason they need video to grow!

As a general observation, it’s fair to say that people lack consistency with their marketing and they keep getting distracted by the newest shiny objects on social media. Video isn’t that. It’s a tried and true medium that has been used to grow brands and businesses for decades.

Don’t be one of the 95% of people who only think about it and don’t reach for the stars. You can do so much more.

It’s not your fault that you feel overwhelmed. There is a lot to learn, but when you learn all the shortcuts it becomes so much easier.

How can you learn 25 years worth of video knowledge and expect to get it right without help? This is where we come in. We demystify video for you. We make it easy for you and save you years of frustration, money and precious time. We have helped thousands of people in different ways to navigate through making better content, and we can help you. The people who are mentored by us get the best results. It stands to reason.

What happens on a Video Strategic Planning Session?

If you are reading this, it means you want all the details, and you are excited about taking the next step. Read on and get started now.

What happens on our Video Planning Session is: you’ll tell us a bit about yourself by filling in an online form. Then you will book a time in our calendar for when the call will occur. We will call you at the scheduled time.

On the call, one of our team will ask you some detailed questions about your goals and where you want to go with video. We’ll go through what you have tried before and why this didn’t work. Then we will map out a path we know will help you. We’ve worked with hundreds of businesses in a one-on-one capacity and have experience with all business types.

For the call you will want to bring a notebook to the session and not be driving. You will want to be in an environment where you can focus. We are giving you our time for free, so we expect you to focus on the gold we will share with you. After all, this is your business, and it is worth the focus.

During our call, we map out a path and direction that will be best for you. Sometimes we give you some actions to take and check back in with you. Other times we will recommend a workshop, and other times we will recommend more in-depth training.

Are you ready? We are ready for you!

All of our calls are about being of service and value to you, so book your session now before we start charging for them!