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Rachel Dunn

Director, Producer and Marketing Expert, Founder of Girl Director

Michael Hole

Director, Producer and Marketing Expert, Co-Founder of Girl Director





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The revolution you’ve been sensing is here, and it’s time to listen to that inner voice that’s urging you to make a powerful impact through video.
No more playing small – it’s time to rise and shine.
Gone are the days of empty reels and shallow How-To Video Content. Your journey demands substance, depth, and true authority. It’s about sharing content that resonates, that sparks change, that leaves a lasting mark on the world.

The landscape has shifted and the age of superficial business tips is over. It’s time for sophisticated video strategies that align with your mission, your passion, and your unrelenting drive.

You’re not just making videos; you’re making waves.

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Who is Girl Director?

Hi, I’m Rachel Dunn.

Best selling author of Better Videos, entrepreneur, documentary film-maker and founder of Girl Director.

I am here to help you dive deep into video, to find your message and amplify what you are here to do using video. This will help you to have more passion with your marketing and an edge over the others in your field. It will also help you grow your business with more depth.

I have been working with video, film and stories my whole life. I have worked in the TV, music video and advertising world as a Video Director and Motion Designer for over 30 years.

For the past 10 years, my husband Michael and I have been teaching business owners and entrepreneurs just like you how to grow their businesses using video. We teach all areas from Messaging to Tech, from Presentation Skills and Confidence, to Video Strategies that bring in new Clients and Increased Revenue. We also specialise in how to become a Thought Leader in your industry, so you can create the highest Impact where it matters.

I have an instinct when it comes to ideas for clients when they work with us. I have a very strong intuition on what works and what doesn’t.

Having worked with pretty much every kind of business over the years, I have come up with hundreds of successful video, marketing and advertising campaigns. This alone has created thousands in revenue and growth for our clients.

What you need to understand is that Video Is A Tool, a very powerful one, and when you tap into the way we use it, and how we teach it, you will have something that expands your growth forever.

We believe everyone has a story to share. What’s yours?