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5 Tips To Get You In The Mood

By July 4, 2015No Comments

In celebration of Eurovision week, this blog gives you some tips on how to get into the mood for your video blogs (or vlogs as some like to call them). Go go the bearded lady!!!


Hi, this is Rachel from Girl Director welcome to today’s blog which is all about getting you in the mood for your video blogs.

Welcome to today’s blog. You know what, we have just moved into the most amazing location and this is just one of the spaces that will be bringing our blog to you from. You know I talked to a lots of girls and I talk to a lots of women and the biggest thing that comes up is they don’t feel good on camera.

So I wanted to give you five things to do to help lift your mood before you get on the camera.

Number one feel good at what you wearing. Pick up something that really makes you shine or makes you feel comfortable because it all comes to from the inside. If you feel really great on what you wearing it comes through on the screen. And you know what I picked this silver color because it’s your vision time and your visions all about bling and I wanted that to reflect in the video that I’m doing. And you know what I feel great in silver. So pick something that you feel comfortable in.

The next thing is talk to one person on camera. You know you wanna speak to the one person that you really wanna make a difference to on camera. And let me tell you that you’ll be much more effective if you do that way and also less daunting, there’s nothing worse than feeling like you’re talking to the whole world So think of one person.

Number three your environment. You wanna make sure that you’re in a space that you feel fantastic in I mean just like we have just moved into the most amazing space as for our new Girl Director studios. You wanna be in some way you feel good. Go for drive, go on the beach, go on the forest. Wherever you feel comfortable and you feel the most you. That’s where you wanna be. For us, it’s nature we love wood, we love trees we love nature. So that’s exactly where our blog gonna be.

The next one, make sure you read some testimonials. Read some testimonials about clients have said about you because that will help boost your confidence before you get on camera.

The next thing is music. You wanna dance around the house like a crazy person put on a great track and dance around.Just be silly for a while because you know what I have had my fair share videos with the sour face. You know the face the one that’s just really stiff. I can’t do it now. Well, people want to be entertained Videos are all about entertaining as well as educating. So, if putting a song on dancing around like a crazy person will help get into that mood then do it. Because videos are all about your audience and it’s important for us to really get into the mood that we are going to be more comfortable. So that we can really talk from our heart and and put it out there to help others.

So, I hope that gave you some tips and I hope that you can get out there and make a difference in the world with your videos. So let me know how you go and I look forward to next blog.