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5 Days To Better Video Blogs

By August 22, 2018September 4th, 2019No Comments

5 Days To Better Video Blogs…

Over 5 days you will learn how to put together a really powerful video blog. There is a structure to video blogs that makes them more powerful and effective. There are fundamentals to making them work for you to grow your business. Sign up for this 5 day series so you can start learning HOW now.



Video is going to open up your world. Your customers need what you have and once you have tapped into video and how powerful it is for you and your business, you won’t look back.

Rachel Dunn has been a video director for over 25 years and has watched hundreds of bad videos. This FREE training is to get you started. This is for you if you want to create a video blog and have no idea what to do or where to start. Video can be overwhelming when you first start, but this will make it easier to navigate the overwhelm.

This easy video blog method is tried and tested, and it works.

It’s time to embrace video. Don’t wait until you have lost weight, your hair has grown or you have new clothes in the wardrobe. The time is NOW. The sooner you jump on board with this, the sooner your videos will get better and better. You may not make a Hollywood blockbuster film for your first one, BUT what you will have is a proven method to create your own video blogs.

Once you have taken this 5-Day Training, we’d love to hear how it went. The trick is, once you have learnt this method, you will want to keep making them each month, or each fortnight. Keep up the momentum. That is the real secret to success with video blogging.

Remember to have fun and we’d LOVE to hear how you are going and what doors are opening up for you now that you are using video.

An don’t forget… If you’re looking to get more help with making videos and marketing of this quality, then request a Video Planning Session with us through this link and get the conversation started.