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Attitude Is Everything

By March 22, 2017July 10th, 2019No Comments
Have you ever thought about your attitude? The attitude you approach people with? The attitude you put out there on video? How about the way you deal with challenges and successes in life?

As you’ll see in this video, your attitude is the most powerful tool you have for achieving what you want in business, your videos and your life.

It can hold you back or allow you to thrive. You can take control and better your life in all ways simply by looking at your attitude towards yourself, people, situations and events. Attitudes can be negative or positive. A positive attitude will give you positive results, and a negative attitude will give you negative results.

A lot of people will say they have a great attitude, but when you look at their results you have to question that… Your results are reflection of your attitude. It’s pretty simple, really.

Where does your attitude come from?

There are three (3) things that make up your attitude and you can change any and all of them at any time. It starts with becoming aware of how you’re being and what attitude you are exhibiting so you can make the changes. Let’s build your awareness now…

1) Your Thoughts – You have total control over your thoughts. Do you believe me? If not, then try this thought experiment…

Who else do you think is controlling your thoughts? Is there anyone else who forces you to think stuff? Were you brainwashed as a kid by the TV or Mum and Dad to think stuff? Of course you were. And then there’s that voice in your head that’s always telling you what to think, running off on thoughts and distractions… Actually, that’s you too… No one else…

The thing is, while it may feel like you don’t have control over those thoughts, in actual fact, that is the number one thing you do have control over! It just might mean that you need some mindset training to learn how to do that… We actively work on our thoughts all the time.

2) Your Feelings – I mentioned before that it may feel like you don’t have control over your thoughts… I was using a carefully placed word… feel… Because the second part of your attitude is how feel about a situation or person, or even yourself.

This refers to your emotional reaction towards the situation and the emotions and feelings you bring to a situation. Eg. Being in front of the camera might be the most frightening thing you’ve ever done…

This is harder for most people to change until you learn mastery over your feelings, which is again mindset training that we work on with our clients all the time. The thing to remember is that feeling are habits that are programmed as we grow up and continue to develop as we travel through life. Once you see how they are running you, you can start to learn ways to shift your feelings and habits with your thoughts and behaviour… That’s where practice and repetition come in.

3) Your Actions / Behaviour – How you behave is a big sign of your true attitude. Whether it’s intimidation or just blatant refusal to do something.

It’s one thing saying all the right things… saying you’ll do something, saying you know something, or even telling everyone that you’re comfortable on camera… but the fact is, your attitudes will always show up in your behaviour.

How easy is it be to change your attitude and your outcomes? Well it’s not as hard as you think. There is training we do every day to help us keep our thoughts, feelings and actions on track. That’s how we continue to achieve the results we get for ourselves and our clients on a daily basis.

A simple place you can start is by taking a negative situation and looking at the positive aspects of it. This will consequently change your behaviour and create a desirable outcome.

So… Focus on your thoughts first, keep on practicing and your feelings will start to shift naturally. Make sure you keep up the actions that you know will produce the results you want. Naturally your whole attitude will improve… and you’ll be happier and you’ll be a more effective human being. Voila!

See you next week…

x Michael and Rachel.

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