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Facebook Advertising Is Gold

By June 22, 2016No Comments
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Facebook advertising is gold… but are you taking full advantage of it?

Are you getting the most out of your advertising dollars? Facebook just might be the best place for you to spend them right now….

It’s the End of Financial Year and a lot of businesses are looking at their marketing budgets, at what marketing has been working, and what hasn’t over the past year.

What are you going to focus on this year? What are you going to spend your marketing dollars on that you know will bring in the business you need to keep growing?

Have you tried Facebook marketing? Have you tried video? What about using them together in a combined Video Marketing Strategy? Are you familiar with the results you can get with the fastest growing advertising platform in the world? The advertising platform that is changing the way small businesses, as well as big businesses, grow their market share?

Facebook is now recognized as the fastest growing and most effective way of advertising in the world. Traditional advertising platforms are really starting to feel the shift away from them. Here’s what a recent ABC Media Watch article had to say about the rise and rise and disruptiveness of Facebook advertising…

Five to 10 years ago if you wanted to buy digital advertising in Australia you went to one of five places … Nine, Fairfax, News Ltd, Yahoo 7 or Telstra … took up 80 per cent of the display ad market. What we’ve seen over the past five years is the emergence of Facebook … and other global players. — Alex Parsons, Chief Digital and Marketing Officer, Nine Entertainment Co, Statement to Media Watch, 1 June, 2016

and this…

Facebook are the, just the champions of data because they have got everybody not only using Facebook, but they reveal everything about themselves. We all kind of put our entire lives on Facebook, so Facebook knows everything about everybody. I mean, you can, you can target your advertising through Facebook to the individual. I mean nobody’s been able to do that before. It’s incredible. — Alan Kohler, Editor in Chief, Business Spectator”


And what’s even better is that EVERYONE can get a piece of the Facebook action right now. And you don’t have to pay big dollars nor enter into expensive contracts to advertise with them.

If you watched the incredible film, The Social Network, the founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg was adamant from the beginning that Facebook wouldn’t be controlled to the big corporations. He never wanted the big conglomerates like Coca Cola to take over the advertising space, despite the immediate gains it would have given him at the time.

Subsequently Facebook has been allowed to grow organically to become the biggest social media platform of all, and with it has grown its amazing advertising platform – one that every small business can use to grow and blossom with.

So How Can It Work For Your Business?

We’ve built our own business using Facebook more than anything else over the past 3 years, and it continues to grow, as do our clients’ businesses, because Facebook is truly about empowering the individual, the entrepreneur, the free thinker. So long as your not making false claims or selling dodgy products, then Facebook is all about supporting you, allowing you to grow and become a globally expansive business, if that’s what you’re up for.

I’ve heard this (but not read it), that Mark Zuckerberg wants to take the Internet to every person in the world through Facebook, so just imagine the possibilities of what that can mean for a business builder – there’s more than a billion people now, what about when there is 5 or 7 billion? I think it’s totally fair to say that this Facebook advertising platform is still in its infancy and there’s still masses of opportunity for you to get involved now, especially if you aren’t already using it.

As of April 2016 there are 1.59 billion active users on Facebook, so you’ll have to just settle with that pool of potential clients for now… LOL!! But seriously, that is amazing! We have never had access to such a massive pool of people for our marketing ever before.

Just think about it… how many paying clients do you really need to reach your business goals? If you think of Facebook as an ocean then you probably only need a bucket full of people to grow a big business (depending on your price point, of course, I mean if you’re selling widgets for $1 profit, then you need a million to make a good bit of income… but let’s assume your price point is higher than that for now – Price Point is a different subject we will talk about another time…)

Return On Investment?

So the bottom line is, where do you want to spend your hard earned advertising dollars this year? On an old, slowing advertising medium? On billboards? Radio? Or on the fastest growing, most targetable advertising platform that is totally embracing video with a very reliable RIO (return on investment)? It seems pretty obvious to me. It just comes down to knowing the best strategies for using this juggernaut, and that’s what we teach our clients to do every day.

So what kind of ROI can you expect from Facebook? Of course it all depends on how effective you make your ads, but the what I can tell you is that we get a 10 times return on investment for every dollar we spend in our video marketing funnels on Facebook. i.e. we spend $100 on our ads and they lead to $1,000 in revenue. Simple, lovely maths! You can see why we love it so much… and so should you! That’s the average of what we’ve been getting for the past 3 years, and in the beginning it was closer 5 times ROI, and as the platform improves our ROI is going up as there are more and more ways to take advantage of it. There are times when we get more like 20 times our ROI. It all depends on what your offering and how well you use the platform.

So if you want to find out the return on investment for your business, then GET IN CONTACT WITH US. Speak to us. Pick our brains. Get your head around how this kind of marketing and sales method can really grow your business to a level you haven’t seen before. And it’s not just the Facebook platform we will talk about, it’s how you really capitalize on it using video. That is the real key to making Facebook work these days.

We have all kinds of businesses that we teach how to use our video marketing strategies on Facebook, from therapists to politicians, doctors to HR consultants, photographers to real estate agents. It doesn’t matter what kind of business you’re in, it all comes down to your openness to trying something new, to be an early adopter of a system that is still in its infancy… there is plenty of room there for you to be seen by your ideal clients… so talk to us now to find out how it will work for you.


Thanks for reading. I hope you’ve learned something new today.


Michael Hole
Video Business Mentor | Producer at Girl Director