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Green Screen Dos and Don’ts

By March 15, 2017 No Comments
Have you ever wondered how people make videos with really cool backgrounds on TV and in online videos? Whilst we love shooting on location, sometimes it’s much easier to do a whole bunch of video blogs at once. Green screen is the key to making life easier! But there’s a few things you need to do to make sure your green screen videos work well. Otherwise they’ll look terrible! Eeek!!

In this blog Rachel goes through the most important things to do and consider. And what’s even better is you can set up a simple green screen studio in your home for not a lot of dollars. You don’t need to spend thousands to do it. In fact, only recently, Rachel and I were in the Channel 10 studios in Adelaide and they had a green screen studio not dissimilar to ours. They use it to do the “Live Crosses” (TV speak) to shows like The Project… take a look next time you’re watching TV.

You know what I found interesting when we were at Channel 10? Yes they had much bigger and more expensive lights and cameras than us, but other than that, the setup wasn’t massively different to what we use, and believe me, we don’t spend masses of money on expensive equipment. In fact, because most of our clients don’t want to spend heaps of money on equipment, we specialise in getting the most out of equipment that is the best value for money. It’s now how big the camera is, it’s how you use… so to speak!

Interestingly, the quality of video produced in the green screen room at Channel 10 isn’t that much different to what we produce at home in our garage.

If you look at this video of Rachel, you’ll see that it is itself shot on green screen, then you’ll see the quality is pretty darn good… Thus we’re giving you the Dos and Don’ts of Green Screen! Check it out and have fun with your videos!

Michael Hole
Video & Marketing Mentor
Girl Director Pty Ltd.