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How To Build Trust

By May 31, 2016No Comments
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How To Build Trust …in seconds… WITH YOUR PERFECT TARGET MARKET

TRUST is what turns people into better leads so you grow your business and increase your cash flow and profits…

Do you ever feel overloaded in the social media space and feel like everywhere you turn there is this to do and that to do. Don’t you wish there was a way for you to have faster, deeper connections with potential customers out there – a way to build a friend-like trust with potential clients FAST?

Well, guess what. You are in luck, because there is such a way. It is not only a fun way to build leads, but it is the FASTEST way for you to build trust with your ideal reader, your blog watcher or anyone else out there who you want to talk to – a way that allows you to bring in great leads, increase your cash flow and grow your business quickly… (drum roll…)

Have you guessed what it is? The truth is, nothing works like video for connecting quickly with people. Video is the answer to creating true, lasting connections and trust with your ideal clients.

Just think about it… How do you feel when someone comes on TV or pops up in your Facebook feed and captivates your attentions – someone that you just connect with straight away, and feel inspired to listen to from the get go.

That’s what video lets you do. Video allows you to be someone people can relate to, someone who speaks their language. It gives you a medium to really tell your story and get your message out there, whether it’s for your business, a movement or cause.

Good video allows people to share valuable insights that can change your life. It creates an intimacy where you can feel supported, so can you feel like you have found someone to help you get to the next level.

That’s what people are looking for these days in this seemingly disconnected online world. Yes, it’s true that text can do that too, but it’s pretty obvious that connecting with people via video is 100% deeper.

Not only that you can be really creative with video. You can think up lots of cool things for people to do and offer great training for people with your videos. So by the time you do talk to your ideal client, they feel like they know you and that, as we all know, builds TRUST…

So What’s The Secret To Making Great Videos?

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Authenticity and Style… In fact, there’s a lot of methodology that goes on behind how to make great videos to captivate your attention. But let’s start with some baby steps:

Here are the first things you want to know:

  • Who your ideal client is… the more you can describe of them, the better
  • What language they use and relate to
  • How to film yourself so that you look your best, and even more so, look authentic
  • How to keep your videos short and engaging
  • Making your videos interesting with good graphics and other vision, so people keep watching and don’t switch off.


Now, I know that’s a lot to think about to start off with, but before you even start filming, these are all really important things you want to think about.

But at least you can see now why Video is the greatest way to build TRUST with your perfect target market… It just comes down to learning HOW to do that – and we can teach you that part easily enough too.

So, if this has sparked your interest in video and benefits of using it, then there’s a great training program that we have put together for you here. In it, Rachel guides you through the process of planning and producing your first quality video blog, step-by-step. Even better, it’s FREE! All you have to do is click on the picture here and have look for yourself. You’ll see pretty quickly how video works and how you can start using it for yourself, straight away…

Thanks for dropping by…

Michael Hole

Video Business Mentor | Producer

at Girl Director…