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How To Create A Video Blog Background Other Than White

By June 28, 2015No Comments
Thanks to Georgina, Libby and Frances for your questions about what backgrounds you can use other than white. Well as you can see here, it all comes down to your imagination, so give it a go and remember, you’ll need to keep an ear on your sound too, especially when you’re shooting outside!


Hey it’s Rachel from Girl Director and thank you for joining us because this week’s blog, Michael and I are gonna take you out of your comfort zone and away from the white background.

Hi, Welcome to this week’s blog. And thank you to Georgina Libyan-Frances for your question about what other backgrounds can be used besides white? White backgrounds can sometimes be good so they rule them out they are great because people focus on you when you’re talking and they don’t get distracted by other things around you that could be really good for up putting typography and different things over the top. They can also be really good when you starting to get used to how to light yourself and all that kind of things. So don’t rule out white backgrounds okay. But if you really wanna stop being creative and stop bringing out a unique personality.

Then, a couple little things we’re gonna show you today and one of them is come outside. Come outside and bring┬ásomething from inside outside so if you’ve got an unusual chair or you’ve got some kind of unusual table or maybe you’ve got even outfit that you wanna bring outside and and completely have the opposite field to what’s outside may be glamorous dress or something like that you wanna play with.

So, the other things you can do I you can rely on the lawn So, the other things you can do I you can rely on the lawn you could find an interesting wood texture on a fence. There’s all kinds of texture outside once you start looking. The other thing is you wanna go inside so there’s a couple other things that we like to try and experiment with is finding little bits material, finding fabric I’ve got this wallpaper hear that from an old music video shoot so collect things like that you might see some people throwing out wallpaper. Go and grab it put it in the shed and go yeah I’m gonna try that next. You want to keep experimenting and I’m not gonna say that everything works all the time you’ve got a keep trying things and trying fabric, trying material, trying wallpaper is a really good start and then you start to see what colours work with you and what your personality is, what it brings out.

So have some fun. I really look forward to hearing how you go and we see you next time.