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How To Set Up Softbox Lights

By June 14, 2015No Comments
The time has come to pull out and unpack those boxes you purchased ages ago…

Michael LOVES making things, so in this blog he shows you how to set up a Softbox light studio at home.

The time is now! You may as well jump in front of the camera today! Don’t wait for more wrinkles, losing weight or the right time! It’s all about how you use lighting. After all, without lights we wouldn’t see anything, right? Smoke and mirrors, as they say in the industry.

In this fun, entertaining blog, filmed all on an iPhone.You’ll see just how easy it is!


We usually use LED lights for our blogs but people keep asking us about Softboxes so we thought we’d buy a set and would set them up. Now this kit is quite good because it also includes the backdrop and we’ve got a white and a black and a chroma key green which you can use for effects and for putting in other backgrounds.

So let’s see how it sets up. Okay, so there you go. That’s set up. Now you can see that you need to iron the background. Okay, so here is our background so it must be ironed and it’s pretty good you can see. Now
what we can do of course is that when we go to editing we can always increase the white so that will just wash that out a bit more just like this.

Okay so now you can see a slight difference in the grading that we’ve done but looks pretty good and you’ve got a nice blog. I hope it’s been useful and have a great day.

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