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By August 20, 2017September 5th, 2019No Comments


Here’s an event video we made for Nicola Moras. We knew these guys well and wanted them to stand out and be who they really are on video!

The idea came instantly. Then it was just a matter of planning the shots, looking for some great locations, shooting off the shot list and finally editing it all together. I don’t recommend using a Top 40 or popular track unless you want to spend $10k-$40k for the rights! Phew!! We wanted the music to be edgy, something Gwen Steffani-style. I reckon we hit the mark.

This was made back in 2015 and for the shoot we used a Canon 70D and the iPhone 5S with various Canon and Nikon lenses, plus LED lights. Simple.

This is just the kind of thing that you’ll be making for your own business when you work with us. You’ll learn, you’ll create and you’ll use it to build your business and get heaps more leads and sales. That’s what Video Residential is all about… There’s limited spaces available, so jump on board now.

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Secret Agent ….Nicola Moras
Location Undefined…

Lost Signal…./

Secret Agent Nicola Located…
Location: Top Secret
Actions: Relaxation

Agent: Karl Me Back
Mission: Get Nicola to Spy School on time

Secret Agent:
Name: Agent Nicola
Nationality: Australian
Sex: Yes
Age: Undisclosed
Code Name: Kick more ass
Spy Skills: Top Secret Invibility
Spy Skills: Transform Lives

Misssion: Get Nicola to Spy School on time

Your mssion will Self Destruct in…

Secret Spy Vision

Signal Interuption….
Signal Interuption….

Secret Agent Lives Transformed