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The Powapass Story

By July 10, 2015No Comments
Powapass is a new soccer training product developed by Mal Tomlinson and Neil Topping. Mal approached us saying he wanted something really dynamic to capture the excitement and usability of the new product he and Neil had been developing. We spent some time getting to understand what it was all about and came up with this video to show how fantastic it is, as well as how the kids themselves like it. It’s such a great product. We had so much fun creating the video.

If you want to find out more, or even order a Powapass for your kids, just go to:

A word from Mal and Neil:

PowaPass “Improve Your Game” anywhere at any time, this machine will change the way you train, hone your skills all at the push of a remote control!

Train on your own anywhere, any time. Powapass is a portable soccer training machine you can use from the back yard to the soccer training field to develop your soccer skills and become the best player on the park.
Introducing Powapass: the new exciting way to get the upper hand and build on your football skills – on your own or with a group. Walls are now redundant – kicking against the wall is a thing of the past. Once only affordable for professionals, the Powapass will change the way you train and improve your game.

Imagine controlling the way you train all at the push of a button, being able to adjust the speed of delivery and the angle of the ball throughout the duration of your training session. Powapass can simulate accurate delivery of a ball over and over again making sure you practice and refine your skills to become the best player you can be.