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The Power Of Promo Videos

By September 1, 2017No Comments

If you’re launching a new product or program, then there’s nothing better than a great promo video to get people excited!

To give you an idea, here’s the story of Mal and Neil, two Adelaide entrepreneurs who invented the Powapass – a revolutionary soccer training product that has just been picked up by a big sports distributor in the USA.

Over the past couple of years we’ve made a series of videos to pre-launch the machine, giving them over 100 pre-sales before the product was even finished. Here’s the latest one we’ve made to take it to market globally.

The Video Pre-Launch Strategy

When Mal and Neil first came to us two years ago, they had been developing their product for a bit over a year and they had their latest prototype up to a level that was working well enough to make a pre-launch video.

The idea was to pre-sell as many machines as they could, and they knew that a video could do just that. So we made our first video for them and they posted it on Facebook, ran Facebook Ads and got all of their contacts to share it (plus all the other things you can do on social media). The whole point was to get as many eyes to see this video as possible, knowing that it would create the excitement and do the selling for them.

Here is that video:


Over the next year or so Mal and Neil pre-sold over 100 of these machines, and with those orders they were able to finalise the design, sort out any mechanical teething problems and get the first 150 machines built, ready for distribution. Since then they have just kept growing and growing.

Big Distribution Deal

It was through this time that the Powapass started to draw the attention of big sports distributors around the world, and soon they secured the USA market. I’m not saying it was just this video that did all the work. There were other videos and lots of reaching out to interested parties. That’s what you do when you have a great product and the passion to make it big.

One night this guy called up Mal and said he wanted exclusive rights to distribute the machine in the USA. A week later the owner of this business was on a plane to Australia, ready to talk business, and the rest is history… Right now Mal and Neil are in full production and talking to other big players in the world market, so it’s safe to say that they’ve only just started in their global distribution plan.

So now you understand the background, think about what a video like this could do for your business. This was the video that made all the difference.

We’ve got other clients with the same kinds of videos who have also had stellar results, even though the content and styling is totally different to this one…

Here’s a couple of examples:


See what you can pick up as being relevant for your own product. Whether you have a physical product, an online program or a seminar you want to market. This strategy applies in exactly the same way to you.

Continuous Engagement With Videos

Whilst promo videos may seem like the bees knees (and they are), engagement videos like blogs, testimonials, interviews and bloopers are also very important to keep people engaged. It’s all about providing more and more content for people, which is why we believe in teaching you how to make your own regular content to keep up momentum.

The Alternative To Expensive Videos

Here’s the kicker (pun intended!)…

It costs a lot of money to have videos like this made for you, but the fact is, you don’t necessarily need to spend lots of money to have them made for you. These days we teach you how to do it yourself.

In fact, we rarely do these kinds of production jobs for people these days, as our main gig is in teaching people like you, business owners, how to make these kinds of videos yourselves. Whether you want to be the director of your videos and direct a crew to make them, or you want to learn how get creative and do all the shooting and editing yourself, we teach you both of those methods. It’s what we specialise in and our clients love it.

But we don’t just teach you how to make the videos, we teach you all the strategies behind them, as well as how to set up all the marketing and systems you need to capitalise on the opportunity of online video. And if you’re scared of the camera, we have a lot coaching and training to break through your fears too, because we know how paralysing that can be.

How We Can Help You

At Girl Director, it is our passion to see your business succeed, and with the way technology has advanced these days, you’d be amazed what you can do with the right guidance.

All you have to do is reach out to us and find out how video can work for you. JUST CLICK HERE and book in a time to speak to us. We will find out what you want to do and can start helping you straight away.

So get your creative juices flowing now and think about just how much value you could get from doing a pre-launch video the way Mal and Neil did. You’ll love it!


Michael Hole
Video & Marketing Mentor | Producer
Girl Director Pty Ltd