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Pure Vision Organic Wines

By September 14, 2017September 5th, 2019No Comments

Jackie Amos is co-owner of Pure Vision Wines and Nature’s Step, a family owned organic wines business in South Australia that produces organic wines full of body and depth. South Australia is the heartland of some of the best wines in the world. Jackie is a member of Girl Director’s Ripple Effect Mastermind – the group dedicated to providing our highest level of training and support to businesses. In the Ripple Effect we teach and mentor our members as they learn how to make their own videos and video marketing to grow their businesses.

As you can see from this video, Jackie has come a long way with her video making since working with us. She is a great example of someone who has taken the learning and implemented it to grow her business and skillset to a very high level.

Jackie is now the confident Director of her own videos. As a consequence, Pure Vision Wines and Nature’s Step have increased their sales massively both online and through their wholesale relationship with Dan Murphys – the largest alcohol reseller in Australia. Their growth is going so well that they are constantly running out of stock! That’s a great problem to have for any SME!

This testimonial will give you some great ideas of how video can help you to grow your own physical product type of business. If you want to speak with us about how we can teach you all that Jackie has done, then request a Video Planning Session with us through this link HERE.



Hi I’m Jackie from Pure Vision Organic Wine, and this is a testimonial for Rachel and Michael from Girl Director.

I first met them in Adelaide about a year ago, and I had no idea about filming. I’ve seen a lot of it on Facebook, you could see the trends changing and everything’s moving to video. I had tried doing a few things myself and it just was not professional enough and I knew at that point I needed to take it up to a new level. In order to take the business to that level as well. So that’s where Rachel and Michael came into it and I haven’t looked back since.

When I first started, I didn’t even know anything about lighting, or even just where to stand or what to wear in front of the camera. Now we’ve completely changed, the whole team has changed, so now we’re working with drone footage. I feel so comfortable directing now, especially during photoshoots. I now know exactly what I want to get out of these shoots even with all the blog’s that I’ve been doing.

This year was a great year because I really got out there and started filming the family, just in the vineyard, right from when the grapes were being harvested through to the wineries. That whole wine process was captured on film, which for our family that’s the first time we’ve ever done something like that so that’s an amazing thing for our family to have.

So for us being an organic business, it was really important to explain to our consumers what the difference was between conventional and organic wine. And the best way to do it for us was through these blogs and Rachel and Michael were able to help me explain to people exactly what it is that’s different, and get our wines out there.

What I love most about video is that we’re now capturing moments that we would never have captured before and things like this stay in the family forever. So it’s really important for us. Being a family business as well, it’s really important for us to capture these moments and not only from a business sense but from a family sense as well.

I really appreciate everything that Michael and Rachel have taught me and the family as well, and we can’t wait to keep producing these fantastic clips and we can see that we’re getting better and better after every clip that we produce.