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Rachael Blake Interview

By September 6, 2015October 10th, 2021No Comments

If you don’t know the gorgeous, talented Rachael Blake, then look her up on IMDB. Rachael is working with the big actors in Hollywood right now, and her star continues to rise big time.

Rachael Blake is best known for her roles in Melody, where she learned French and won the best actress award at the Montreal World Film Festival, Wildside with now husband Tony Martin, Lantana with Anthony LaPaglia, Barbara Hershey and Geoffrey Rush, Sleeping Beauty with Emilly Bunting, Truth (2015) with Robert Redford and Cate Blanchett, Gods of Egypt (2016), Perfect Strangers with Sam Neill, Surburban Shootout with Anna Chancellor, The Prisoner with Ian McKellan, Rake with Richard Roxborough, Home and Away, plus numerous other movies and TV shows. She is also a narrator of many documentaries.

Rachael has won a number of awards from AFI to IF and film festival awards, and her star continues to rise as her vast talents are discovered.

In this exclusive 20 minute interview with us, Rachael Blake shares her secrets for being on camera and the challenges of starring in a French film, when she didn’t speak French. As you’ll see, she had to learn it quickly, and ended up winning the Best Actress award! Amazing!

There is so much gold in what she shares here. It’s like a mini masterclass…

Highlights to watch for areā€¦

01:00 – Rachael talks about her acting experiences and when she first worked with big stars Barbara Hershey, Sam Neill and Ian McKellan, among others.
02:10 – The amazing story of how she learned French for a lead role, and ended up winning the Best Actress award in front of a French audience at the Montreal World Film Festival.
04:25 – The best way to get comfortable on camera… embarrass yourself as soon as possible.
04:46 – Acting is like taking all of your clothes off and turning around very very slowly in front of a crowded room.
09:10 – How to connect with your audience on camera… Be clear of your Intention when making videos, in particular the intention of “what you are doing TO” the person you are talking to.
12:23 – Ways to improve your voice-over techniques when narrating for video.
18:30 – Rachael’s process for taking someone from not being able to act, to being brilliant in a week.
20:05 – “You need to authentically give up the idea that this time when you’re on camera that it’s going to do anything for your, that it’s going to change your life.”
21:33 – Details for how you can have exclusive, private tuition with Rachael Blake.
21:58 – The secret to delivering anything on camera is to create an EASE for yourself on camera. And the way you do that is to get your mind off yourself.
24:04 – “When you step over those fears and concerns, what’s on the other side of it is the life you want. Are you going to have the fear and do it anyway? Or are you going to have the fear and stay home?”

The wisdom and simplicity of what Rachael shares is profound.


And remember, if you want to find out how you can get private tuition from Rachael, then contact us by replying to this email and we’ll put you in touch.