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Secrets To Generating YOU On Camera

By March 8, 2015No Comments
SMILE! Remember that people LOVE being around happy, confident, passionate people, especially when they turn on the video. Otherwise they will switch off, and even worse… go to sleep! Comedy is also a great tool for entertaining and teaching people.

Did you know that 90% of people struggle with their confidence on camera. They look like a deer in the headlights, or they look stiff and uncomfortable.

I feel your pain! I was there too, and let me share with you that it gets much easier the more you do it.

I have a great little tip in this video to share with you, and I bet you won’t walk into a party the same way again. Just think of your next party as research…

Love to know your thoughts, your wins, your challenges and insights!


Hey, welcome to today’s blog. Today I am going to share with you some secrets about generating yourself for camera. Stay tuned.

I want to share with you some secrets about presenting for camera. Now, when I first started presenting in being in front of the screen instead of directing. The first thing I noticed was that if I just started to be talking to you just like I would normally, I would appear quite flat on camera and I would almost seem like I was a little bit down or something. So what I realise is by turning myself up a couple notches. I find that it comes across as me being lively, inspired and and more approachable than if I was just gonna talk to you like I normally would. If I was sitting having a conversation at home, I’d be a lot more subdued.

But you know what? Generating yourself for camera isn’t a bad thing. It just means that your turning up a couple notches a little bit like make up for camera. You know when you put and apply makeup for camera, it’s usually about three shades thicker than normal. So when you’re on camera it appears likely make up as normal, a bit
more flawless. So it’s about generating yourself the same way.

People wanna see a smile, people want to see an engaging person that’s inspired. You know when you go to a party and you speak to somebody at a party and discussed your mind back to what that person was like, that inspiring person that had things going on in their life, it was really excited to talk to. When they were rolling, were they excited? Didn’t they capture you because they were excited and passionate about what they were doing?

Well that’s exactly the energy that you want to bring to the screen. So next time you’re on the video screen have a think about when you’re at a party last. Have to think about the inspiring person that you were talking to at that party and what they were like, because that is the kind of thing you want to step into when you’re being
on camera. Ok? Just a little tip for you to step into and make sure you smile. Ok? Sometimes I think I forget to smile then when I look back at it, I look grumpy. So you don’t want people to think you’re grumpy. You just want people to see you as the engaging, beautiful person you are.

All right? I’ll see you next week.