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Rachel Interview – Selwyn Music Video – Saturday Disney

By January 2, 2014No Comments

This video is Rachel Dunn’s Interview on Saturday Disney for Selwyn’s “Boomin” Music Video.


Interviewer: Okay guys, we’re here in Selwyn. Let’s go have a look.

Selwyn: Hey I’m Selwyn and welcome to my video clip.

Interviewer: I managed to grab hold of Rachel, she’s directing the clip. So what’s the idea behind it all?

Rachel: Ahm, basically it’s about someone the way he used to be and in the way he is now and he’s I think it’s been at the same for awhile. So now it’s gonna be really funky, bright colours, lots of really modern technology, great dancing.

Interviewer: There are so many people around here I have no idea what they do. That’s not the point how many are they here today?

Rachel: About thirty crew and then we got about a hundred, hundred something extras.

Interviewer: So lot of people. How long is it going to take to get together video clip?

Rachel: Well, basically with we’ve been in pre-production about couple of weeks and gonna go about four days and turn it around after we finish shooting tomorrow. Pretty quick but massive.

Interviewer: Good luck with it all.