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Ignite Your Passion. Grow Your Brand.

The best kinds of videos

Want to know the best kinds of videos for growing your business? Those that will inspire your audience!

High quality with your phone

Do you know what the best equipment is for your phone and the best ways for making high quality videos?

The right clients

Are you ready to learn the best ways to use video in your marketing so that you attract the right clients?

Live video workshops are back

It’s time to make videos that inspire

Join us for this LIVE 4 hour Online Workshop THIS Thursday 8am – 12pm AEST.
Learn how to Grow Your Business with Video.
In this workshop you’ll learn:
  • How to increase engagement with your videos and get yourself seen!
  • Learn what inexpensive equipment you can use with your phone for different conditions and your specific space.
  • Find out why you feel uncomfortable on camera and transform your experience so you feel confident every time you jump on camera.
  • Learn what kinds of videos and video strategies will suit your business.
  • Learn our key secrets for saving time and money when making your own videos.
  • How to create a system in your business you can rinse and repeat so content creation becomes a habit rather than a stressful experience.
  • How to use Facebook marketing with your videos.
  • Ways to build leads from your videos with no ad spend.
  • Get access to our Girl Director Community of like minds who are all making a difference online with our video techniques and on the same path as you. These guys will become your support network!
Find out more and book your ticket here: