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Six Practices To Achieving Business Success

By June 11, 2015No Comments

This week I am very excited to share with you my “Six Practices To Achieving Business Success”. These are things we live by every day in our business and life.

The fact is, you are a leader and the world needs what you have. It’s about opening your mind to the possibilities. If you don’t believe that, then you definitely want to watch this video to realise it!

I often think that owning a business is like taking a personal development course… ON STEROIDS! Your ‘stuff’ will always come up. There are layers and layers of embedded beliefs that need to be uncovered. It’s just like an onion, and the more layers you take off, the more you learn, and the more open you will become to achieving your true potential.

So clear any thoughts you have about life being hard. Allow yourself the gift of awareness to come to you, and learn from these 6 practices.

As you watch this video, ask yourself this… If you were to adopt just one of these practices, what would happen? Even more so, what would happen if you had all of them in each day?

We love to hear people’s feedback, so let us know how you go…

Success is waiting around the corner for whoever will take on these practices and take action. Are you up for it?


Welcome to today’s video blog where I’m going to talk to you about six things that make a successful business.

Recently, I’ve been thinking a lot about what makes a successful business, what makes a successful entrepreneur. I wanted to share these findings with you because I think they’re fundamental in everything that you do. And in
fundamental in what we do and what makes us successful. And these things are:

Number one, number one is to follow your instincts and what I mean by instinct is you know when you just know and you get that kind of feeling and you think, ‘oh my God I should do that’ but then your logical mind kicks in and you go ‘Oh no, I shouldn’t do that’ or this reason or that reason. What actually would happen if you follow your instinct cause I’ve taken some big risks over the time and I’ve actually stepped in and followed my instinct. I’ve taken some really amazing trip and journeys by following my instincts and just going with it no matter what, no matter where it took me and I just trusted that everything would be okay. And you know what it was ok and it was some of the best experiences
in my life. And this business is one of them. Following your instinct is the most powerful thing you can do. So if you’re not following your instincts, just for one day, why don’t you try it out. I bet there’s amazing big shifts happen if you start following your instincts.

Follow your passion. Now these two things that are very similar. And one way to follow your passion is to work out, ask yourself. What is the one thing that you were really disturbed about or feel angry about when you watch television
or watch the Internet. For me, it’s animal cruelty. If I see something to do with animals or somebody being bullied or someone being cruel to someone. I get my blood boils and I get really really angry so I know that deep down my passion is about helping animals. It’s about rescuing, it’s about giving back in that way and the same with our community, when we do anything we’ve got a fundamental part where we love.

Give back we love to help in those areas. And so I wanna ask. Are you living your passion? Do you get off at the very beginning of the day and think ‘oh my God I’m so excited to jump outta bed. I’m gonna create an amazing day’ And I know that sometimes hard to do since you wake up and you go ‘oh my God, I got all these things to do, and I got all these bills to pay but when you start shifting and you go ‘you know what I’m excited about the day I am about to create because I can create anything I want’. Really! You can create anything you want, from the moment you get up, to the moment you go to bed you can create anything you want. So start creating your day the way that you want to. Add things that excite you, that have your passion ignited and follow your instincts.

The other thing is curiosity. Curiosity is a fantastic way to keep yourself engaged, keeps you interested and you learn more things. So curiosity is a really important thing.

Courage, another one of this is courage. Number five is courage because it takes courage to follow your passion, it takes courage to step in and follow your instincts. It takes courage to just know and trust in yourself.

And the last one is how to help people. What can you do that can help somebody else? What can you do in your life, in your business that can give back to somebody else. It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in because I came from a creative industry where I used to think ‘oh my God I’m in a creative industry, I’m in film, I’m in television but I completely turned it around. When I started to look at what other people needed out there and how I can empower them and mentor them, everything shifted. And that’s exactly what you can do too. So it doesn’t matter if your a beautician, it doesn’t matter whatever you do in your life, styling, if you are a healer, if you are into counseling. You can help people and you can put it into a way that serves you and that serves other people. I hope you got something out of this blog. It might seem simple but ask yourself, what important things do you need to put in your day for you to feel inspired, engaged, following your passion, following your instincts, keeping curious and stepping into that courage. See you next time.