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The 5 Must-Have Videos You Need To Create

By June 25, 2015No Comments
People often ask what videos they should use to market their business. Here are the top five. Add these to your marketing plan and your business will grow much faster… It’s that simple. But of course, that’s only the beginning…


Hi, I am Rachel from Girl Director. And this week’s blog is all about what videos you need to create now for your business.

Welcome to this week’s blog. I hear so many people telling you about the kinds of videos you’ve got to create. The top 10 videos you need to create and the top 20 videos you need to create. Well, I’ve made a really simple for you.Because, when you start, I know it’s easy to get overwhelmed with really what videos are really important for you to start with.

So I’ve come up with a bit top five list for you. So that you cannot be overwhelmed and really start to make some of these videos because they’re really going to help you to grow in your business. Okey. Right. Let me look at my notes.

Number one is testimonials. So, ask clients for testimonials. They’re really really valuable. Don’t. Don’t sell yourself short not ask a client for testimonial. Really really valuable.

Okey. Number two is your Video Blog just or your Video Blog just like this one. If you don’t wanna do a Video Blog, this other things you can do like an engaging series or maybe interviews. It’s gotta be engaging regular content so either blog or something regular. So a blog is an easy thing to do because it can be something every single week that you give tips about. Alright.

So number three is how to videos. Youtube love how to videos and this is where everybody searches for information. So if you’ve got some educational, some tutorials it’s a really good idea to put those up as well as soon as you can.

Next one is your free give away you wanna create something that you can give away to your clients for free. Maybe it’s a half an hour training session. Maybe it’s you talking about a certain subject for 10-15 minutes. Something to give away so that the builds that trust and it can build that relationship with your client.

And lastly, we’ve got the welcome video. The video that people see when they go on to your YouTube channel or your website. And it’s really gotta talk about the benefits to them. Don’t talk about how much you’ve done, how cool you are. Talk about the benefits. They want really when people log on. They wanna know what’s in it for them in the quickest possible time. Otherwise, you lose them and they’ll click off. Alright.

I hope those they were tips help you and look forward to seeing you next week. Bye!