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Vanessa Amorossi Music Video Behind Scenes

By May 16, 2014No Comments
Rachel Dun directed two music videos for pop star Vanessa Amorossi. This one, “Spin”, and also her massive hit, “Shine”. Vanessa Amorossi and her manager, Mark Holden, speak about what it’s like working with Rachel Dunn from Girl Director. You can’t get a better testimonial than this!

The great thing about making video clips is the planning and creative process of turning a song into the seed of an idea and then turning that seed into something really creative and interesting. A lot of people assume that the artists themselves come up with the concepts for videos, but that’s often not the case, especially when the record company is paying. The record company wants the director to have a vision and so we often spend a lot of time playing around with concepts and story boarding them before they can be approved.

The great thing about working with Vanessa and Mark was that they trusted Rachel to come up with a concept. She used her own method to come up with the idea, presented it to them and they just said great! Do it! And this was the result.

If you haven’t seen the other video Rachel did for Vanessa yet – Shine – then check out the clip on YouTube HERE. It was a great clip too.

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