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Vanessa Amorossi – “Spin” Music Video Shoot Including Interviews With Vanessa & Mark Holden

By January 17, 2002No Comments

Vanessa Amorossi – “Spin” Music Video
Rachel made two clips for Vanessa including this one and Shine, which was an international hit. This behind the scenes footage includes some candid interviews with Vanessa and her manager/70s pop superstar, Mark Holden.


The others gonna be very diverse its gonna be have this sort of stuff rnb sort of flavor. ¬†As well as the ballet tune the dance from you know. As it’s very is to pop up more but a little bit more grown up I suppose. It’s actually very easy working with Rachel. I’ve worked with her before with Shine and and now so I’m very relaxed and happy. This is the hardest bit of my job I just have to laugh more than I could because I’m I’m so not good at it I’d love to be using on everything it could be much easier. I can stuck around all day I’m very relaxed because her work is brilliant and I had no problem with it. With Shine like I said and she directs me in you know it really helps me do my job right. What all I did was when I said that Rachel is the person we wanna do and I said brilliant, fantastic Great Rachel. We love Rachel she should do it, tick to the Rachel box We love working with Rachel, Rachel is great. So under control we don’t we have to worry about all we have to do is eat. Seriously we have some bad clips, we have We have some really bad clips really bad clips so when they say something like you know Rachel gonna do the clip and this is the concept. We don’t even have to look at the copy. We go like yeah thank God Rachel’s doing it. Alright.