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Video Power

Video Branding And Why You Need It

By March 4, 2014No Comments

Luke O’Shea & Medicine Wheels first No1. video on CMC, Directed by Rachael Dunn and featuring Lukes father in law, Tom Stone, reciting the Ode.


Welcome to Video Power. Today’s episode is all about branding and why you need a video brand.

Do you know that every minute, 24 hours of video content is uploaded on youtube every single day? That’s pretty amazing so what’s gonna make you stand out is your own brand and I don’t mean copying somebody else I mean write down what are your favorite colours, what fonts do you like, what music do you like, what subjects do you like? And have a look if you got if you actually google opening titles and have a look there for some inspiration, you’ll find some great inspiration because opening titles is a really great way to see what kinds of things you’re attracted to so you can build your video brand because for ours our video brand is Girl Director we have the high heel shoes stepping on the film reel which really tells you about what we do.

So what is something that you loved that’s iconic that could be made into a little animation or something to identify you compared to all those videos out there. So stop by just writing things down that you love they don’t have to be directly be related to what you do but they need to have some kind of edge on your competitor out there. So have a look and have some fun but it’s really really important that you have a video brand because your video brand is beyond everything you do. Your website needs to see everything you do you so that people know how to find you.

Okay so hope that helps you and I’ll see you next time. If your an action taking a woman and you seriously wanna move your business to the next level and you want to be more confident on camera Guess what you’re in luck because we can help you. Put your details in here and we’ll be in touch.