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Video Challenge 1

By August 19, 2013No Comments


Hello, Welcome to Girl Director. Hello, I’m Rachel. Welcome to Girl Director video challenge number 1. Together we can help you get your stuff out there. The world needs to see it. I gues you’re wondering who I am and what are my experiences to be able to help you. Well, glad you asked. I’ll just tell you a little bit about myself and we’re back to straight into you. Okey? I’ve been in the industry for 20 years in film and television, working on many many music videos, opening titles and designs. I’ve spoken to the AG Ideas international conference. I’m all about ideas and making a difference and especially with videos. Since I was 15 which is a long time ago now. I wanted to be a director so I can’t think of anymore reasons than that to help you. So, come with me let’s have some fun and let’s be a bit silly and serious at times. I want you to break through. I want you to get your stories out there.

For this challenge, we don’t actually turn the camera on. This is all about finding out how others see you. This first challenge is all about finding 10 people, 10 friends either giving them a phone call or an email and I want you to ask them what they think your strengths are. Ok? You can say you are working with someone and this is an exercise so you feel better, whatever, it’s up to you. I want you to share your results in Facebook. It’s really important because this is a really, really great step in you feeling great about yourself cause everyone got’s different strengths. You’re gonna get some surprises too. I know this can be challenging for some people but it is a really important step because when you see how other people see you and you see the difference that you can make to others then the rest of it falls away. I used to have a fear of the camera and it wasn’t until I went out to do my documentary and I realise that I just that drove me. I just didn’t care about myself cause it was about something else bigger than me. So, this is where you need to start to think and is this going to start somewhere? So, let’s begin now with video challenge 1. I’ll see you on facebook.