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Video Challenge 2

By August 18, 2013No Comments


Video Challenge 2

Hi everyone, thank you for joining me. This is video 2. Now, today’s video is all about your niche market. Now, I’m gonna go to niche market quite a bit because it’s a really really important thing that you need to get. Before, you even turn on the camera or anything you need to do some work on your niche market. For years I was told that how important a niche market was and I think ‘Oh yeah, ok niche market is niche market, whatever, right?’ But it wasn’t until I started applying it to my business that I really understood and understood the impact that this can have on a business. Because if you don’t have your niche market sorted then it’s like shooting in the air. It’s kinnda hoping to hit somebody or you’re hoping to hit something and you’re really not aiming at anything. So, it’s exactly the same with the niche market you need to aim it at someone and you need to direct your message to someone. Otherwise, if you are not directing your message to anybody it will just go out there and chances are you might get an odd few but they’re not really the ones you really wanna connect with. So, I do really really suggest that you do some work on the niche market and they go into this a lot more in a webinar but I like you to have a think about it at least.

For those of you who want to do some video work I suggest that you set up your video camera and you actually record for 3 different audiences. Imagine, 3 different people, maybe you are talking to a 15 year old , the second instance you might be talking to a 25 year old and the next, it might be 50 year old. Just pretend that that person is just on the other side of the camera and I want you to do is talk as if you are talking to them, three different people because you will find that your message will be very different when you’re talking to each one of those people and that’s exactly the kind of marketing, that’s the target market that you need to capture. It’s like talking to one person, think about what her name is, think about what she like, what she like doing, what’s her hobbies, where does she shop, where does she go. This is the person that you’ll be talking to, this is the person that you’ll be capturing their interest with your videos. It’s really important with any video, think about your audience reaction. You know I met recently with a mentor director and he suggested from my documentary. You know you need to think about what the audience’s reaction is when they come out? What do you want to leave them feeling? So, I thought, Oh God yeah of course, I want them to go wow, I want them to be inspired, think about that, do you want your audience to be inspired, do you want them to be shocked, do you want them to be educated? So, they’re all important questions that you need to ask yourself that you may have not thought of before. Online videos is changing the world and I suggest that you jump onboard today and get your world changed with video because it’s so powerful. Ok?