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Vimeo Vs YouTube

By June 26, 2015No Comments

Vimeo vs Youtube & which one is better


Have you ever wanted to know the real difference between vimeo and youtube and why you use one over the other?

Hi, I’m Micheal of Girl Director. Everyone knows you can be an overnight success on youtube like Psy and Charlie, Justin Bieber and even this little guy who loves Katy Perry. But people have ask us why we use vimeo or some things and youtube for others. When it comes to getting your videos out there and potentially going viral.

YouTube is fantastic, but there’s one thing you need to be aware of, you cannot overwrite your clips after you’ve uploaded them. So if you made a mistake or you an updated for New Year then you need to update it as a separate clip and in history like likes or comments┬áthat are on the original clip will stay with that. So that means that if you need to replace it you’re gonna have to delete that and lose comments which is why I like vimeo as well as youtube. It allows you to overwrite your clips in anytime you want so you can update it for the new year or whatever and it keeps all the same history that you’ve had before.

The other beautiful thing about vimeo is that you can really play around with the permissions to allow any certain people to say it to be embedded on certain domains and all kinds of things as a bunch of options you can play around with including whether you allow a download option to be available. So that’s why we use vimeo from a┬ásensitive trade secrets the kinda stuff you have to pay for and youtube for a free stuff like this.

I hope that helps have a great day. If you’d like to know more about Girl Director and how we can help you all you have to do is click here.

See ya!