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What’s Your Intention?

By June 29, 2015No Comments


There is something really cool about chopping wood. It brings out a sense of power and strength actually brings out your primal urge to create things.

I wanna talk to you about your intention when you are creating anything whether to video or book or anything. What is your intention and what you have to deal with to get it done. But sometimes you know it’s not so easy, sometimes you know what you wanna do you like my intention right now is to cut through this bit of wood but some wood are harder than others.

So how good is that feel to chop that bit of wood and just like anything you do if you set a clear intention and you achieve it. Regardless of what you have to go through that it is incredibly fulfilling. So think your videos like that, set your intention on what you want to do,and then make sure you get it done even if you have to go through some really hot parts to get there if he if you have to go on sharpening your axe and sharpening your skills just get out there and do it.