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Working With Girl Director

By May 31, 2016No Comments
What’s it like to work with Girl Director? Here’s a quick show reel to give you an idea. Girl Director is all about empowering you to use and create video that will grow your business by building trust, growing leads and attracting the perfect clients to your business. It doesn’t matter whether you’ve used video before. It doesn’t matter whether you’re technically savvy or not. All that matters is that you WANT TO USE VIDEO.

We teach and mentor you through the whole process from planning your videos, getting really clear on your target market, how to present to them, how to attract them. We then teach you how to shoot, edit and stylize your videos so they look awesome and grab attention. And then… we teach you how to market with them, because it’s one thing having great videos, but it’s another thing to get people watching them. That is fundamental to growing your business successfully, and with our training and mentoring you can learn all the tricks of the trade for doing just that.

But, what if you don’t want to do all this and you just want it Done For You? We can help you there too. Rachel has been a video and film director and designer for nearly 25 years, working under her own steam as a music video clip director, as well as a director and designer for TV Channels 10, 7 and 9 in Australia. Michael works as producer, lighting and sound director on our shoots and between us, with whatever crew we need, we will create your videos tailored to your needs. We can also set you up to market with them as required too. It’s all a part of our Done For You service, and if you can’t afford us, we have other members of our team who we can refer you to. There are no limits to the services we can provide with. It all just comes down to what you want to create.

For More Information On How We Can Help You, contact us for a Video Planning Session HERE and we will work out exactly what you want.