Set Up Your Video Space For Success with Feng Shui

Want to know the best way to set up your video space at the home or the office? Rachel worked with Interior Designer and Feng Shui expert, Betty-Jo Bleakley to create this special e-book on how to make an amazing video space.

Download the e-book now while it’s free:

Rachel Dunn

The energy of your space is super important for being comfortable and effective on video

  • Not only do we guide you through the lighting and other things you need to know, but we also focus on the energetic flow.
  • That’s why we are giving you something extra special here, where we also guide you through the important aspects of Feng Shui in your video space.
  • You will be amazed by how much difference this makes in helping you to produce better quality, more aligned videos.

Who’s Behind Girl Director?

Hi, I’m Rachel Dunn, and together with my life partner Michael Hole, we teach you how to turn your passion into reality with quality, innovative videos.

Girl Director has come a long way since I started it back in 2005. The truth is, stepping out in front of the camera was never easy for me – in fact, it was downright humiliating at times. Despite a successful career directing music videos, commercials, TV promos & opening titles for more than 20 years, I found that being on the other side of the camera was terrifying for me. That’s why I started teaching people who are scared of the camera ways to get comfortable and creating the right environment for your videos is a big part of it.

You’re going to love this e-book I have created for you. Enjoy!