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Here’s What You’ll Learn

As you’re  clearly looking for information and help on how to make better videos and video marketing, we thought you’d enjoy our hugely popular and free Video Super Secrets. We send this out to our most valued contacts and they love it!

You will be able to use these tips and tricks to take your video making to a whole new level. There’s sample videos to give you ideas, info on how to plan your videos, links to find free music, how to edit your videos, marketing and social media tips and heaps more.

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We focus these secrets on the most common questions we’ve been asked over our many years for video and marketing training, and if you find it’s too much, just let us know and we’ll take you off the list.

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Who is Girl Director?

Girl Director is the brainchild of life and business partners, Rachel Dunn and Michael Hole. We have been directing, shooting and producing videos professionally for over 25 years, from directing TV Commercials to Music Videos, to Online Videos and Documentaries.

And here’s the thing… having taught a lot of beginners in how to make videos, we’ve also worked out what are the most important, simple and easiest things the novice can do to make great videos without blowing the budget! You don’t need super expensive cameras and lights to make great videos. You can make whole movies, documentaries and Facebook Ads with your phone, which is why this checklist is so important!

When you’re head’s full of ideas with what to shoot, the last thing you want is to have to remember every little thing to take with you… Now all you need to do is tick off the checklist and you’re in business!

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