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Do You Have A Big Story To Tell?

Everyone has a story to tell. Some have stories that will help others to improve their lives and dreams, but very few people know how to get their story produced into a high quality product, out there in front of people. Is that you?

What about your business? Have you ever considered how your story will accelerate the growth of your business? Ever heard of a Brand Definition Video? Or an Origin Story? Or maybe you’re thinking bigger and you’ve got a film, TV series or documentary in you… That’s when it gets really exciting! What you probably don’t know is that we also have a feature film arm in the Girl Director group of companies.

So this is your chance to start playing around with your ideas, to speak to an experienced film and video producer. All you need is to provide a brief rundown of what you’re thinking below. Then you’ll be invited to book a brainstorming session with us. Let’s get started on your masterpiece!

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